We've answered some of our most frequently asked questions below. 

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Do you travel?

Yes, we are based in Missouri but will travel to wherever your trial takes you.

Why choose a trial consultant instead of using someone in house?

Our consultants are professionals who support trials day in and day out. Their vast knowledge and experience enable them to troubleshoot technical issues on the fly, relieving you of worry and freeing up your staff for other duties. 

When should I contact Alaris Trial?

The sooner, the better. While we can get ready for a trial within days, cases involving more complex aspects, such as graphics or animations, will require more lead time.

What type of cases do trial consultants work on?

It doesn't matter what type of trial it is. If there is evidence that needs to be presented to the jury, we make sure it is done properly so everyone can see the point you are trying to get across. 

Do you handle mediations?

Yes. Our clients use our services at mediation to show a small snippet of what is to come at trial. They've found that having us present at mediation shows the other side they're prepared and ready to go. 

Can you set up mock trials?

Yes. We can provide a location and trial consultant and also video-record the proceedings for later review and analysis. 

Want to learn more?

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